Welcome to 2019…OMG!

Hey there, beautiful people; welcome to the New Year of 2019.

It’s been a minute since the site has been updated; in fact, about the middle of last summer is when I think it was last updated. Life stuff got in the way, and so..bummer that I didn’t get to keep up.

That doesn’t mean that the Soul Dust crew haven’t been busy. We’ve since done a number of events, from wrapping up the summer weekly to having a disco party, to having a Halloween party, and other events, bookending 2018 with a Christmas party, two fundraisers and a New Year’s Eve celebration to wish 2018 well and bring in 2019. In addition, we have done a number of guest gigs from Barrelhouse to Tin City to Libertine. So yes, wow…busy!

Also, we brought in a new member to the Soul Dust family, Chad Fortin. In short, we are pleased to have him in the family. Having been a professional DJ with over 20 years of experience, alongside a few of our other jocks, it took awhile frankly for me to get back to him. But once I had time, and once some fo the other crew members started knowing him, it wasn’t look thereafter that I felt he belong with us. He’s that rare of DJ that actually founded, as well as co-founded, actual DJ business, not merely side hustles. With the belief that collectively, we can all learn from one another, and develop genuine relationships doing it, Chad is a terrific fit with the group, and I’m beyond pleased that he’s accepted being one of the Soul Dust crew.

In the coming weeks, there’s a lot of things I want to add to the web site, as well as ways of keeping you informed. Much will be under-the-hood, because the simplicity of the look and feel makes it easy to managed when I can. While I’m debating on whether to update the Events page with the past events that I’ve missed posting between late summer and now, going forward I plan to spend about once a week adding updated information when I can. We have some events already lined up through February, and more to come.

I’ll just leave it here, for now. We re looking forward to what 2019 has to bring. As ever, without you, we woudn’t exist. So if you have something to say to us, even to say hello, please don’t hesitate to use our Contact page to reach out.

All the best for your new 2019! Peace.

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