Who We Are

Soul Dust Productions is a musical collective of DJs, producers, and enthusiasts, with a deep love of soul and funk, but our tastes are wide and varied, and our past and present events reflect our musical diversity.

After a couple of huge DJ events in Fall 2016, and after over a year of performing and/or hanging at each other’s events, Velanche pulled together many of the most respected DJs in the area and asked if they should form a DJ collective. Maybe it sounded silly, maybe it sounded audacious, but no one said no, and in late November 2016, Soul Dust Productions was born. (Credit the “Soul Dust” name to Malik, aka “Uncle Miko,” who is also part of our crew…good name!)

Since then, we’ve done a number of parties and events, not just of the funk and soul variety, but also of a variety of styles such as world, house, disco, “yacht rock,” lounge, and other choice styles.

We’ll be honest: we put on parties that we want to go to ourselves. When we found a lack of parties that play the kind of music that we weren’t hearing, we thought that the time was right to, well, right that wrong! Though we play songs that you have no doubt heard at one point or another, we also drop plenty of tunes that you don’t know you’ll like, but end up feeling it. A bit of surprise and a bit of fun; it’s part of who we are and what we do.

Who makes up Soul Dust Productions? These fine people. Find out more about each of our crew by clicking or tapping on the image. A new window will pop up with more info, as well as any web/email/social media links at the top.


Founder & DJ

Velanche founded Soul Dust Productions in late 2016, after organizing a couple of wildly successful DJ events. He started DJing on the decks in 2003, but it’s been in the last three years that it’s been thriving. Prior, he was a radio DJ for KCPR, the university radio station of Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo. The radio shows that he’s known for are Urban Landscapes, which aired until 2015, and Club 91, which he co-hosted in 2004 and is still going strong long after he passed the torch. He’s previously written music reviews for XLR8R Magazine, and still gets loads of music from labels around the world that he hopes to play out. Not only does he aim to continue DJing, but also to explore music Proudctions, among other music-related endeavors.

Jason Perez

Co-Founder and DJ

We have some obsessive vinyl collectors as part of our crew, and Jason is perhaps one of the must knowledgeable in terms of finding the perfect beat. He’s amassed a sizable collection of vinyl, while always looking for that perfect beat. His enthusiasm is infectious, but don’t let his friendly smile fool ya; he’ll drop a track with a smile that will put the dance floor on notice…all with a smile.


Business Guy & DJ

Vince, aka Navig8, is not only one of San Luis Obispo’s newest residents, but he brings to Soul Dust well over two decades of DJing experience to the fold. A SoCal native, he and his beautiful lady relocated to SLO. None of us knew him until well after his arrival, and after attending several of our events, and chatting up a storm after realizing that his musical tastes are both similar and not against the rest of the crew, he was bestowed with acceptance into our crew. Dare we say, he’s brought a fresh infusion of his love of music, people and culture to the fold.

Uncle Miko


One of our other local legends in town is Uncle Miko, who’s been a local staple both as one of the faces of SLO’s Boo Boo Records, and also has his own business with A Satellite of Dreams (fka Appendage & Bough), with some records, but mainly cool furnishings and crafts galore. Like Manuel B., he also is mad busy with various DJ gigs, especially weddings. Also, he was the genius who came up with the name “Soul Dust,” and the rest fell into place.

pj anthony


A native of Detroit, pj brings with him years of love and respect for the D-sounds of house and tech, and not just from the D. He brings with him a deep respect of soul and funk. He can drop a yacht rock set that will knock your socks off. He may be a California guy now, but, as his yearly pilgrimage to the Movement Festival back home will attest, he will always be a Detroit boy at heart.

Chad Fortin


At the time that Chad was surprisingly brought into the Soul Dust fold, he and his lovely wife had been living in San Luis Obispo County from San Diego for over a year-and-a-half. He’s another one of our DJs with not only a ridiculous amount of professional DJ cred under his belt, but his love of soul and funk was evident, especially when he breaks out the 80s/90s jams, and goes into deep and funky house territory, where his heart-and-soul lies. It didn’t take long before we knew that he was pure Soul Dust material, and to say that we’re happy to have him as part of our family is an understatement.

DJ Damian


Damian has fast become another local DJ legend, spinning at some of the popular joints in town, at wineries and also at weddings. He was also one of the founders of SLO Record Swap, but his love for vinyl continues to grow, as does his music collection. His style is eclectic, but if you mention disco or house, that’s when his heart comes calling.


Honorary Crew Member

Natalia is one of our superfans. An enthusiast and supporter of the highest order, Natalia is that person who can overtake a room at will, along with her entourage of locals. She’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and when the grooves are there she can outlast dancers half her age. When we need to find out how we’re doing, she’s the eyes and ears for fans and guests.


Honorary Crew Member

Carrie, wife of pj anthony, is a lifelong enthusiast of dance music. She’s always up for good parties whenever her busy schedule is free, but her spirit is always with us. Feel free to ay hello, whenever you spot her at one of our events; she’s one of the coolest people you’ll ever get to know.